Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night: Backyard Drive in Movie

It was my turn for date night this week and I really was in the mood for something relaxing but fun. I kind of wanted a movie but was also hoping for something a little more special than just sitting in front of the TV.  So, I decided to do a modern version of a drive in movie in our backyard.
The weather was perfect and the sky was full of stars.  It was the perfect night to watch our movie outdoors. During the day I stocked up on movie treats (a movie sized box of Junior Mints and Red Vines)

Then, for added effect (because I like added effect) I used our $10 AMC theatre gift card to buy movie popcorn and drinks while my husband was putting the kids to bed.  I was the only girl at the movie theatre who bought popcorn and a drink and then walked back to her car with it. You may be wondering why we didn't just use this gift card to go to the movies...well, do you know how much it costs to go to the movies these days?  geesh!  It would cost us close to fifty dollars to get two movie tickets, popcorn and drinks, and pay for a babysitter.  That ten dollar card was not going to buy us a date at the movies.  But, it WAS going to get us authentic movie style popcorn and soda in real live theatre cups for our backyard drive in movie!

We set up a little stand in the yard for our laptop and picked a Netflix movie to watch.  Then we created a nice comfy set up of blankets and pillows right there on the grass.  Once we were all cozied up it was show time!  We munched on our movie snacks and had a great time.  It was so much more fun than just watching a movie on the couch.
 After we were done we were already under the stars so we just got to enjoy the night air, the constellations, and for some odd reason the birds that were chirping...night birds?  We will definately do this again.  Try it out...what's on at the drive in in your backyard this weekend?


  1. This site is great! I'm so impressed! I fully intend on delving further into it later on today... Thanks for sharing!

  2. are the creative queen! I'm so excited to read and get some good ideas!
    Thanks for sharing your talents :-)


  3. oh wow! what a cool idea! we have an old tv and it's way too heavy to carry outside. darn it!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  4. We did this, but just pulled our SUV into our backyard and watched a movie in the backseat on our in car dvd player. It was super fun to just cuddle in the backseat and eat munchies while watching a romantic flick-we will for sure do it again! :)

  5. Oh I can't wait for my hubby to come home so we can try this date!!! I love the idea of the movie popcorn, we have a theater less than a mile down the road and I will totally incorporate that part! Thinks for sharing!
    I am obviously not participating in the project 52 right now with my hubby overseas, but I am getting a ton of great ideas!

  6. Love this! I am going to have to do this in a couple weeks.