Family Night

What is Family Night?
Family Night (or Family Home Evening) is a night that is set aside to be with your family! It's a time to  learn together, pray together, laugh together, sing together, and build family unity.  It's one night of the week where you make it a priority to be together as a family and teach your children important values and principles.  Make a commitment to set aside one night per week and don't let anything else interfere-you'll be forever glad that you did!

Family Night in a Basket
Imagine all the children sitting still and happily listening to an uplifting lesson....sound like a dream?  Try family night in a basket?
The Miracles of Jesus
Turning water to wine, healing the blind, walking on water and more.  Imagine what it was like to be there with these fun hands activities.

Put on Your Armor
Dressed in the full armor of God (made from tinfoil, posterboard, and tape) your kids will withstand all the “fiery darts” that come their way

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve!"
A fun way to visualize the old saying. Your volunteer gets more and more wrapped up in the spider's web with each act of dishonesty.

Welcome to the Manner's Cafe' where we serve dinner and you deliver the manners. If you can meet the requirements on the menu you will be served dessert.

(no preparation required)

What's the Lesson in Your Object?