Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Minute Family Night Idea: What's the Lesson in Your Object?

Sometimes there's just no time to plan a family home evening lesson during the day.  For busy days we have to have a back up plan.  Here's a quick and easy family night that requires no preparation at all! Plus, you can do it again and again and learn a different lesson every time!

Opening Song:
The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

 mom or dad

 Ask everyone to go get three items from anywhere in the house.  Do not tell them what the items will be used for.  Once everyone has returned with their random items it is time to begin.

Jesus taught in parables and often used analogies or object lessons.  For example, the song that we just sang is about houses and a storm.  What was Jesus trying to teach us with that example? (That if we build our lives on the right foundation we will be able to withstand the hard times that come)
All things in this world can teach us that there is a God.  The world is filled with things that can help us gain knowledge or teach a lesson or learn a principle.

Each person must choose one of their items and think of a short lesson that they can teach involving that object.  We used thread, scissors, shoes, stuffed animals.  Even my 4 year old held up his stuffed dog and said "This stuffed animal can remind us that God created the animals". Not a super intricate object lesson but he was getting the idea.

Ok, some of the lessons were a bit of a stretch but we helped each other when neccessary and it was a really fun activity in the end.

Try it out the next time you are too busy to pull something together for family night.

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