In the Kitchen

Fun food that will make your kids smile.
Food Faces (FACEMATS)
Ready to print placemats that will have you and your kids "playing with your food" and "making faces" at the same time.  Lunch just rose to a new level of fun :)
Homemade Cupcakes?
The best store bought yellow cake mix plus the best homemade chocolate buttercream frosting recipe=cupcake heaven.  People will think you're sooo domestic :)
Lollipop Lunches
Everything tastes better on a least that's what kids seem to think.  Turn a regular old lunch into a fun feast where everything, including your sandwich, is served "lollipop style". Great for school lunches!
Experimental Cakes
Spend some time in the kitchen with your kids making up your own recipes. The kids are in charge and who knows what you'll end up with. Happy memories guaranteed.
Campfire Chocolate Eclairs
The oooey gooey goodness of a chocolate eclair doughnut cooked over the fire at your next campout.  Yum.
Go Eat Some Dirt
It's so earthy, it's so flowery, it's so cute, it's so yummy, and the best part's just ice cream, crushed OREOS and real flowers. 
The best homemade chocolate chip cookies recipe I've ever tasted.  Guaranteed to cure whatever's ailing you.
A love note, a yummy cookie and a secret code reader all in one.
Pretty much a kid's dream come true.

A little twist on a regular caramel apple turns dessert into
a fun family activity.