Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crazy Faced Caramel Apples

I was searching the internet the other day for a fun dessert I could make with the kids and I found this idea for caramel apple faces.  The site that I found it on actually did this as a Halloween treat and called them monsters.  But, I thought faces would be just as fitting for any old day of the year so we decided to try them out after dinner last night.  Here's what you need:
  • Apples
  • A bag of caramels (mine came with the sticks and instructions for making caramel apples on the bag)
  • Various face making supplies. (We used chow mein noodles, jumbo marshmallows, coconut, Tic Tacs, chocolate chips, Ritz crackers, etc.)
  • Wax paper
  • Rolls of unused toilet paper (I suppose you could call this optional but it was very'll see)
Okay, here we go. Put the sticks in your apples.

Melt your caramels according the bag's instructions.
(I just used the microwave)

Now dip and roll and coat those apples in the caramel. (sometimes you have to spoon a little over to get the whole thing covered)

Now you have a caramel apple.  And you have a problem.  It's so sticky that it will even stick to waxed paper.  Plus, you want your apples on top (so you can hold it like a lollipop) So, if you just set the apple down you will end up with a gooey glob at the bottom.  (Which won't look pretty when you pry it off the wax paper and turn it right side up) Hmmmm.

So, here was my solution. Hold the apple for just a moment while it sets up...just for a minute.  Now, get a roll of toilet paper....any ply will do :) Cover it with wax paper. (Next time I would grease the wax paper where the apple with touch it too to avoid having it stick later on) Poke a little hole in the middle and put the caramel apple in. Now you can decorate with ease.
Get out your decorating supplies. (Oops, I took this picture earlier but you get the idea.)
And go to town!  It was really fun deciding how to make the faces.  There were no rules about how it had to look.
Wait, this picture just reminded me that you should probably have your four year old wash the dirt out from under his fingernails before starting the project.
This one was a "WILD THING"...or so I was told.

Now, everyone compliment each other's work and then stare at the face you just made.
And the daddy apple can give the mommy apple a little kiss just for good measure.
And now you eat! (it was easier to eat them sliced up but if your teeth can take it just eat em' off the stick)
Fun. cheap.  It was dessert and a family activity all in one.  The kids gave it a ten on the rating scale.  Try it out.

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