Friday, March 26, 2010


No matter how life happens to be swirling around me there is one part of my day that I cherish.  I look forward to it all morning. I feel cheated if I don't get it.  I feel more peaceful after it is complete.  It's storytime. I need my storytime. Because in the afternoons for just a little bit, the world stops turning and nothing else matters but finding out what happens to one of the Tub People who fell down the tub drain and discussing whether or not Little Red riding hood should listen to that big bad wolf. 

My cares float away and we are cozy under a blanket with Spotty the stuffed dog listening intently. The air in my house is quiet and still during storytime.  And after a few good tales I start to hear sleepy and yawns and see little hands rubbing their little eyes.  And sometimes we finish the stories, and sometimes we don't.  But at some point I look over and see that nap time has begun.  But I don't hurry to get up.

Before I re-enter reality and get back to the daily to-do list I just watch for a bit.  I think about how sweet and handsome my little guy is.  I think what a handful he is sometimes and how it really was quite funny that thing that he did that I thought was so ridiculous earlier in the day.  And then my thoughts drift to how much longer we will get to have this time everyday and what he will be like when he's fifteen...or twenty-one.  And I vow to love him a little better and appreciate our days together a little more.  And then I get up and get back to work in my quiet house.

I can hear the clock ticking.  It's nice.  And so is the sound of kids running up and down the stairs and laughing.  I think I will just try to enjoy them both.  I can't wait until storytime again tomorrow.

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