Date Night

Remember when you were dating?  Ah, so free and easy, so exciting, so romantic.  Ten years and three kids later life has changed a bit but we still want the chance to connect and relax and so something a little bit fun and exciting together. Since getting a babysitter every weekend is both expensive and a lot of work, we are creating date nights at home.  We take turns planning what we are going to do and after the kids are in bed on Friday or Saturday night, DATE NIGHT begins.  I LOVE IT!  Here is where I keep track of the fun we are having...try it out. 

Ice Cream Taste Testing

Six mini containers of icecream. Candlelight. Quiet time with my husband.  Searching for the best flavor of icream but not really caring which one wins.  Need I say more?
Painting Our Portraits
Spend the evening gazing into each other's eyes...and trying to see if you can reproduce them on canvas.  We had a blast listening to our favorite music and trying to paint each other's portraits.

Backyard Drive-In Movie
Better than a movie on the couch, more cozy than a night a movie.  Enjoy a movie under the stars with some good old fashioned movie snacks.
Dinner at a cozy little italian place with romantic outdoor seating, candlelight, and an authentic home!

Gourmet Cheese Tasting Night
Learn something new, try something different, and fill your belly with something yummy.