Everyday Fun

Fun stuff you and the kids can do together any old day of the week.  Have you laughed with your kids today?

The latest:
Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch
Every kid loves to pop those little bubbles in bubble wrap!  Make it into a fun game by creating bubble wrap hop scotch.

Minute to Win It 
Crazy challenges you can do with household items....in less than a minute.  your whole family will be laughing when take take some time out for a "Minute to Win It" challenge
Shaving Cream Creations
A can of shaving cream has endless creative possibilities...make yourself a moustache, use it to decorate a pretend cake, or just smear it all over it and squish your fingers in it..yout kids will thing it's crazy funny.
Experimental Cakes
Spend some time in the kitchen with your kids making up your own recipes.  The kids are in charge and who knows what you'll end up with.  Happy memories guaranteed.
Willy Wonka Wonderful
Snuggle up and read this magical book with your kiddos.  Then, head to the store to pick up some Wonka chocolate bars to relive the glory of the book.
Sock It To Me
Socks are your weapons (er, I mean game pieces) and with a little washable paint the window becomes your game board.
Water Wars
Paint on the war paint and then wash it off in the water fight!
Shadow Puppets
Remember using a flashlight and your hand to make shadow shapes on the wall?  This is the upgrade of that principle!  Cut out your puppets and make an evening of it.
 Taffy Sculptures                          A bag of salt water taffy is the perfect medium for creating colorful, and edible, sculptures!
Bubble Fest
Make your own bubble solution and invent some bubble wands with household items.  Who knew you could have so much fun with soap and empty paper towel tubes?
Fort Builders
Create your own fort construction kit with endless possiblities. Take it all apart when your done and make a whole new creation the next time around.
Make Your Own Toys
Need something to do on a rainy day? Gather some supplies from around the house and see if you can invent some new toys.
Shaving Cream Wars
A can of shaving cream for each person and the war is on!  Don't worry, your hose will clean up the mess :)
Marshmallow Catapults
It involves jumbo marshmallows and  a catapult...what's not to  love?

A Bag Full of Stories
A paper sack full of clipart is a great gateway to the imagination.  Choose three random pictures from the bag and create an original story with them. You'll be laughing and on the edge of your seat!
(Grab a clipboard, an ABC chart, and your camera and go on a neighborhood quest to find every letter in the alphabet!)

Let your kids create a masterpiece in the bathtub with a little shaving cream and food coloring.