Friday, August 20, 2010

Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch

I was browsing some fun blogs the other day when I found this awesome idea on!  She has a section on her blog that features fun things you can send in the mail that weigh 13oz. or less. and  bubble wrap hopscotch was one of my favorites. This is not only a cool and lightweight package to send in the mail, but it's also just an all around fun thing to with the kids at home.  Because, honestly, WHO DOESN'T like bubble wrap?! So, of course, when I went to the store yesterday I had to pick up a roll of bubblewrap and try this out.

All you do is cut the bubble wrap into squares, use a sharpie to put numbers on each square, and lay it out in hopscotch formation.

 We ended up putting a little packing tape on the back of each square so that they wouldn't slide around too much when the kids "hopped" on them.

Then we grabbed a small toy to use as a marker and we were ready to go!  My kids LOVED this!  They played hopscotch OVER and OVER again and delighted in the popping sounds that filled the room .

And my baby just ran over the top of it over and over again and laughed.  There is enough "POP" in one set of these squares for the kids to play quite a few games of hopscotch.  One roll of bubble wrap was enough to make about three sets. 

Here's some tips:
1. Wear socks.  Bare feet can sometimes stick to the bubble wrap a little.
2.  A little tape on the back of the squares will make this game go MUCH better!
3.  Let the kids help.  The loved setting it up, playing the game, taking it apart, the whole thing!

So next time you have a rainy day or just need something fun to do with the kids try this out!  Even I wanted to jump on the bubbles and hear them pop.  Have fun hopscotching :)

P.S. Check out how cool this is as a gift to send to nieces and nephews or friends in the mail here

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