Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shower Graffiti Love Notes

I posted earlier that I am challenging myself to do something a little extra each week to show my husband that I love him.  Something fairly simple but meaningful.  I'm taking this as a fun little adventure.

When we were dating we used to write each other love notes.  It was not uncommon for me to come home and find a sweet note left for me on the table or the bed. And, I would do the same for him. But, as the years went by we got busier and nowadays we don't write many love notes.  So, to start off my Everyday Lovin' Challenge today I left him love notes in the form of graffiti on the shower walls. :) This truly made my day!

I found these bathtub crayons next to the kid's shampoo and soap at the grocery store.

They looked too fun to pass up and let me tell you, they were all that I hoped they would be.  I had a great time coloring all over the shower and leaving him little messages like this:

My daughter walked in while I was working on this and she, of course, wanted to add her own touch.

And when my shower grafitti/love note was complete I closed the shower curtain and got rid of all evidence that I had been there.

 Hopefully when he hops in the shower tomorrow morning this will bring a smile to his face. I think that any kid would love to be surprised with notes in the shower or tub too!  (Maybe I'll graffiti their shower later this week!) Week one of Everyday Lovin' complete:)  Now, what to do next week.....hmmmm.


  1. Gonna have to use this idea! Its so cute!1 X

  2. My sister-in-law gave me some of these with a baby gift at my baby shower; saying life is going to change, so this is one way with adding a child into the craziness of life to keep the love alive. I thought that was such a cute addition to a baby gift!