Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shaving Cream Wars

It's Spring break...(translation: we have a lot of time on our hands this week).  Fortunately for us our good friends called this morning with a proposal...a shaving cream war.  I've painted with shaving cream and made myself a beard with shaving cream. I've sprayed shaving cream all over and played with it.  But, I've never had an all out war with it. So I was feeling kind of excited.  Here's all you do:

1.  Dress in swimming suits (this is going to get very messy)
2.  Get a can of shaving cream for each kid (or adult)
3.  Explain the rules, which are:

  • The object is to cover each other in shaving cream and just have fun

  • Spraying or wiping the shaving cream in the face in not allowed

  • You will get sprayed off with the hose when you are done so don't worry about how messy you get

That's pretty much it.  It works better if you spray it in your hand first and then smear or throw it.
 But, if you want to spray it straight out of the can go right ahead.
 Ready? One, two, three, four, let's have a shaving cream war...

There was laughing  and running, slipping and sliding,
crazy hair doos
 and snowman impressions.

And when it was all done we just hosed the kids down and they were off to bake in the sun and play in the water. 
I think they felt quite free.  Good times.  Try it out the next time you want your kids to think you are a really cool parent.  For about a dollar per can of shaving cream it's worth it.

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  1. love these photos. Will you email them to me? yes, I am emailing you some pics this very second!