Monday, June 14, 2010

Minute To Win It

My friend and I recently discovered the game show Minute To Win It.  It's awesome.  That's all I can say. OK, I'll say more.  It's a game show where the contestants have to do random challenges with household items.  Each challenge must be completed in less than one minute in order to win (hence the name Minute to Win It)  It mezmerized my kids and it looked too fun to resist.  So, we decided to get together and host our own version of the game.  There are so many games to choose from.  Check out their website for more options.  But, we decided to go for the least prep and the most kid friendly easy games we could find.  We had lots of laughs.  You've gotta try this for your next family night, rainy day, or just think of some excuse to have people over and challenge them.  Here are some of the challenges that we did:

(each contestant must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles.  Most of them got it eventually and then wanted to try again.  It was just plain fun.  I know you want to get a cookie and try this right this minute...go ahead, we'll wait.)

(each contestant create a unicorn horn on their own forehead by stacking Ding Dongs one on top of another.  You can only use one hand and you must stack seven Ding Dongs that do not fall for at least three seconds.  The kids only had to stack four)

(using only one hand you must empty an entire box of tissues one at a time in one minute.  We let the dads battle it out on this one)

(Transfer five cotton balls from one table to another using only petroleum jelly and your's funny)

We also tried Shoe Fly Shoe while we were was a keeper.  Other games we wanted to play but didn't get to:
Try it out...guarantee you'll all be smiling.