Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Box of Lucky

For St. Patrick's Day I thought I would be clever and buy a box of Lucky Charms for the kids to eat for breakfast. They of course were thrilled because their hard core mother NEVER lets them have sugar cereals for breakfast.  I, of course, did not eat that cereal for breakfast.  I had a piece of toast and a smoothy or some other healthy thing. I resisted the urge to eat a box of cereal mixed with colored marshmallows first thing in the morning.
That's because it's better to eat them in the afternoon when no one is looking. It was after school.  The kids were playing in the other room.  I saw the box of Lucky charms sitting on the counter and I thought "I bet those little colored marshmallows are so yummy" I stuck my hand in the box and pulled one out.  I was right, they were good.  The next thing I knew the plastic bag was out of the box so that I could locate the marshmallows more quickly.  I ate them ravenously one at a time as I picked them out of the sea of cereal.  I felt kind of like cookie monster. You know, when he is shoving the cookies in so fast that the crumb are flying all over the room, you watch Sesame Street right?!
 Well, anyways soon all the Charms from the Lucky Charms were gone and I stood there feeling only a little guilty.  I put the bag back into the box and it wasn't but a few hours before I heard my eight year old yelling up the stairs "MOM!"  She then proceeded to tell me that her little brother must have snuck into the cereal and eaten all the Charms!  I confessed.  She looked at me and then gave a long drawn out "MAAAAAAOOOOOOOM!"
That poor lonely box of just Lucky.  No one really wants much to do with that cereal without it's Charms.  Next time I buy that cereal....oh, who I am I kidding.  Next time I buy that cereal I plan on doing that again.  It was good.

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