Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Night: Put on the Armor of God

This is a family night we have done many times and the kids still love it.  It takes a bit of preparation (simple, but takes a few minutes to cut and glue) to make the armor but it is memorable and worth it.  The kids especially love when they get to defend themselves against all the fiery darts once they are in their full armor.  Here it is:

Put on the Whole Armor of God
Summary: Dressed in the full armor of God (made from tinfoil, posterboard, and tape) your kids will withstand all the “fiery darts” (plastic cups with temptations and trials written on them) that come their way

Objective: To teach children how to withstand the difficult trials and temptations that come to us in this life through finding strength in God

Preparation: Gather the following supplies:

Aluminum foil, cardboard, posterboard, duct tape, and scissors

Plastic or paper cups, a Sharpie (or other marker to write on the cups)

Prepare the armor before the lesson so you are ready to discuss each piece as a family. You can make armor for each child or just make one set and take turns wearing it. Most pieces can be made from posterboard and covered with foil to give the metal armor look. For the helmet we just formed a piece of foil around the child’s head and then used another piece of foil to make a face guard. You need to make:

SHIELD of faith

SWORD of the Spirit

BREASTPLATE of righteousness

HELMET of salvation

LOIN covering of truth

FEET covering of salvation

Opening Song: Armies of Helaman, Children’s Song Book pg

Opening Prayer: Chosen by parents

Scriptures: Ephesians 6:11-18


Have each person imagine that he or she is a knight in a great kingdom who is getting ready to go to battle. What do you think that you would do to prepare for the battle? Would it be wise to just walk out into a great war with no armor or protection and no sword?

In many ways we are like knights going to battle every day. We are part of God’s kingdom. He wants us to be happy. But, when we go out into the world it sometimes feels like we are being bombarded with “fiery darts” from the enemy.

Who is the enemy?

Our adversary is Satan.

What kinds of fiery darts does he send our way? Are they really darts?

The weapons that he uses against us are the things that will make us weak and unhappy. He wants us to fall into temptation, be discouraged, lose our way, and give up. But, our Heavenly Father has taught us what we need to do to win the battle and come out victorious. We need to put on the full armor of God!

Activity: List some of the temptations that might be thrown at you (use bad language, be rude, drugs and alcohol, gossip, immorality, anger, etc.) Write each temptation on a plastic cup.  After you have discussed each piece of armor and what it represents (ie. being faithful, knowing the truth, being prepared, etc.) put on the armor and let the rest of the family throw the darts at you as you defend yourself in full armor!

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