Saturday, April 24, 2010

Imagine the Frustration

I must be so frustrating being a toddler.  I mean, being surrounded by people who have no clue has got be really exhausting.  Take lunchtime for example.
Toddler: (in an animated fashion) "Ooo Eee La Looo La!"
Me: Do you want some more?
Toddler: What?  Did it sound like I said I want some more?

Toddler:  Ooo Ee La Loo La!
Me: Do you want a drink?
Toddler: Seriously, did that sound like "I want a drink?"
Me: Did you want some bread?
Toddler:  Bread?  Really mom?  That's not even close.

Toddler: (now flapping arms and enunciating as clearly as possible) "Oo Ee La Loo La!"
Me: You're all done?
Toddler: Help.  Anyone around here speak my language? Help.
Toddler: How can I say this any more clearly? "Oo La Loo Le?"

Me:  You must be all done I'll get you out of your high chair.
Toddler:  Oh, the agony of trying to communicate with this woman, I said nothing about being all done!  No, no, leave me here, I know what I want and no one will help me!
Me: You aren't done? Do you want a cracker?
Toddler: Exhausting. As if trying to learn to walk and cutting teeth isn't enough.  Totally exhausting.

Not really, but sure, give me a cracker.  It might soothe me.
Me:  Sorry, baby, I don't know what you need.  But you sure are a cutie.
Toddler:  Thank you, at least there are some things that we are both clear on.

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