Friday, June 18, 2010

Travel Survival Kits

We are on vacation.  I love vacation except for one minor detail...the transportation part.  Because, if we want to travel all the way across the country it means that we have to confine our children to a small space for hours on end...with other people....who don't like crying.  My older children do fine as long as I pack some fun stuff.  But, my youngest would challenge even the most impressive of travel tricks.  And here's the catch, this time my husband was going to have to travel with my toddler ALONE. He's a good man.  I prayed for the force to be with him.

Because of some timing and airline pricing dilemmas we ended up having to send me and the older kids on one flight and my husband and my toddler on the other.  I spent and entire week trying to think of a magical bag full of things that he could take that would make the experience pleasant.  Why am I so paranoid about this?  Let me summarize it for you in a few words:


By the end of my last plane ride with my darling toddler I was literally sweating.  She had a ten second attention span for any of her toys and the people around us were very happy (but not as happy as me) when the plane landed.

But this time I was prepared.  VERY prepared.  I researched online, I brainstormed, and I ended up with some travel sensations.  I have to tell someone about them.  You must take these things in your bag next time you travel with small kids.  I think I may have solved my toddler travel nightmares because when my husband got off the plane he wasn't sweating or whimpering.  He said she was entertained.   So here they are, the travel bag miracles:

This stuff was awesome.  We made flowers and hats and telescopes.  We stuck it to the tray tables and made designs.  The older couple behind us liked it too. Even the crying toddler across from me started laughing when I stuck little pieces of it to my finger tips and waved at him...random but incredible.  I think I will always keep a roll in my purse from now on.

A friend suggested that I use a pill box and put little prizes in it.  I decided that anything small enough to fit in a pill box would be a choking hazard so I filled it with baby snacks like raisins and goldfish crackers.  Then, to make it look more interesting I printed out pictures of animals on adhesive paper and stuck them on each individual compartment.  Here's the fun in it:
It's a challenge for a toddler to get one of the little compartments open.  When she finally did get it open she found something that made her giddy.  Once the snack were gone she could try refilling the containers and opening and closing indefinately.  It's a time filler and a novelty.  This was a WINNER!

Because she just thinks peekaboo is incredibly entertaining.


I love these things.  But I didn't take a picture of them..oops.

Of course we brought other books and toys and snacks from home.  But these things were the savers.  May your next trip be pleasant.  Now, we're off to play with cousins and enjoy our trip!


  1. Thanks Candace! I'll pick up some painters tape and the pill box tomorrow, just in time for our trip! :)

  2. This post comes in the nick of time for me. I am just starting to prepare "trip toys" for a flight we're taking this weekend and I had already used up my good ideas last weekend on our 10 hour drives to and from Texas. Yay for new ideas! Thanks again!