Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught Red Handed

What would we do without kids? Life would be so boring.  BORING I tell you.  When my son was this age he used to constantly sneak into the pantry to eat treats. Then I hid the treats (so that only I could sneak into them) and I found him one day desperately trying to stab open a box of cake mix with a utensil.  Sometimes when you need something sweet you have to get creative.  Ok, I can't help it, I have to relive his younger years and show you these pictures.  Here he is after I unzipped his jacket and found a half eaten candy cane stuck to his shirt.  No, I was not aware that he had been eating a candy cane but hiding it between his shirt and jacket was clever.

And here he is later that day hiding behind the bedroom door eating some other sweet treat.  Does he looked shocked that he's been caught?  Notice what it says on his shirt :)

And here he is getting really creative.  He hauled the bunk bed ladder into the storage room, propped it up, and climbed his way to sugary bliss.

I'll admit, I have desperate moments where I wait until no one is looking and then shove a handful of chocolate chips into my mouth.  In fact, this morning I waited until the kids were upstairs and then quickly gobbled down the last cookie and threw away the package so no one would notice.  If anyone enters the room while I am untertaking such an act I feel like this little guy( see video below)...I want to wave my hands in the air and frantically say "bye bye, bye bye".  Because, if they knew what I was doing then they would want some too.....Ahhh, it starts young.

 (Note: the package had a lid on it and was sealed with foil before he squeezed himself into that cupboard and got to work :)  Gotta love it.

Tell, me please, do you ever sneak treats when your kids aren't looking?  I would feel much better if I knew that you did.


  1. Of course!! How would mother's ever survive without sneaking a cookie here or there... Plus, we know it would be bad for our kids so we have to save them by sacrificing ourselves... Isn't that what mothers do?

  2. I believe I know that mischievous little boy :)
    Don't Worry every mom has her secret stash, when i am desperete for a soda I run somthing to cover the sound of the pop when it opens!

  3. If only it were just ONE cookie here or there...

  4. LOVE the idea of running something to cover the sound of the soda lid popping open...that's my kind of girl :) You guys are all so funny

  5. That video is hilarious! I love that he was trying to shoo you away. I sneak treats all the time - I've done so my whole life. My family always makes fun of me for having stashes all over the place. When I was a kid I really liked Bisquick (yep, just the powder). I couldn't figure out how my mom always knew that I had been into the stuff. I guess the white powder is harder to cover up than I thought!