Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebrate the Family

I know that you love your family.  Because that's why you're here.  You want to make happy memories with them and build a stronger family just like I do.  It's what we all want.  But, sometimes we are distracted by life in general and we forget the basic, simple truths that will help us find that strong and happy family.  But in September we are going to refocus and remember what matters most!

September marks the fifteenth anniversary of The Family Proclamation to the World.  It's a one page reminder of all that is important and sacred about family.  And I'm joining up with some other bloggers to
celebrate the family and the great truths found in this document with Family Home Evening Lessons, Activities, and more that will strengthen and unify families.  Check out this blog and this blog who are hosting the events.

Want to join me? Because I need your help!

One of the challenges that has been issued in this celebration is to find a way to share the joy of the truths of the Proclamation. I need your help because I have a little vision of something beautiful.   I want to pair my favorite parts of the Family Proclamation with pictures and music...a slide show of sorts.  An image of the happiness that we can achieve when we found our family life on truth and love. I also want your ideas on how your strengthen your family ....share your family traditions, the ways you show love for each other.

It really doesn't matter what faith you are or where you live or what your family is like.  I want to see your favorite pictures, your happy moments. I want to hear your successes!  Then I want to put them all together as a montage that can be shared with all of us.... and that you can share with others!  I will also share some of your thoughts in my posts in September. These are the basic truths that I want to represent:

 Now, start thinking.  What are your favorite pictures that you have of your family?  Do you have a cute picture of your kids hugging?....that would show love or forgiveness beautifully!  Do you have a picture of your family working in the garden or building something or playing at the lake....that could show work or wholesome recreation.  Any photo that you have that shows happiness in family life with your children or your spouse....PLEASE SEND IT MY WAY! (Of course you have to have the copyright on the pictures )
Have a really fabulous photo? You can also head on over to Jocelyn's blog and enter your photo in her Family Proclamation photo contest and maybe win a prize! 

OK, recap.  I need your help to make some beautiful stuff to celebrate family.  Here's what you can do:

1. Send me and e-mail with a photo that shows some happiness that your family has had that might represent some of the truths I listed above (wholesome recreation, love, faith compassion, etc.)


2.  Send me and e-mail that tells me about successes you have had in your family as you have tried to apply these traditions you have, ways that you show love for each other, etc.

You are fantastic women and I want to see and hear all about the joy you find in your families....come on, you know you have at least one great photo or story that you can share....send me and e-mail.  You'll be famous...OK, maybe not famous...but you WILL get to share the joy of family with others :)  The finished product will be posted in a few weeks.

OK, here's a few of my favorites to get to started:

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