Monday, August 16, 2010

One of Those Moments

Life doesn't seem to grant us perfect moments very often.  But, every  now and then there is a moment that I just have to stop and absorb because it is so purely blissful and sweet than I want to be able to return to it again and again in my mind.

  In my mind I have a little collection of of those moments.  I have a little clip of my husband running around the backyard with my daughter on his shoulders giggling with wild abandon.  I have an image of my two oldest kids dancing in the kitchen when they were both small.  I have the day my husband suprised me at work with flowers to announce that he had been accepted into the graduate program that he had been working so hard for.  I don't need a picture to replay these moments, they're permanent in my mind.

Yesterday I had a tiny little moment that gave me those same feelings.  It was Sunday and there was quiet music playing in our house.  My older two kids had been dressed up and building forts while I did the dishes.  When I finished what I was doing I walked into the living room and found this:

Two of my favorite people in the world sharing the rocking chair.  My daughter was reading Little House in the Big Woods to her little brother (hence the need to wear the pioneer dress she has on this picture) and as he layed his head on her shoulder his eyes grew heavier and heavier.  And soon he was asleep.  She continued to read and there was total peace in the room.  And for a little moment it didn't matter that sometimes they pester each other and sometimes they can't stand each other.  Nope, for that moment it was plain and simple.  They are family. They love each other. And they will take care of each other.  And I just stood and watched, without being noticed at all. 

So, I'll file this away in my mind.  I'll need it on days when everything isn't quite so ideal.  Because looking forward to the next perfect moment makes it all worth it.

Tell me, do you have some perfect moments that you like to remember again and again?


  1. Such an adorable picture! A few of my perfect moments are: my wedding day at the temple looking across the altar into the eyes of my soon to be husband, and right after my son was born via c-section my husband brought him over to me and laid him right beside my head where I could see him. I said "hello" to him and he turned his head toward me. I was filled with so much love in both instances!

  2. Oooh, you've got so many great things going on here on your blog! How wonderful!! I like your strengthening family page...too cool! Thanks for joining my Family Proclamation party! Looking forward to spending September with you!!! - Jocelyn

  3. I love the giggling! and big belly laughing