Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Everyday Lovin: What He Needed Today

I had a plan for my everyday lovin' challenge this week...and I was excited about it. I planned to get up early this morning and make homemade Morning Muffins (my husband and my kids are VERY happy people when they wake up to warm muffins)  And, to be honest, it is rare that I serve anything but instant oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast.  And to be even more honest most of the time I often don't get the breakfast served at all before my husband leaves for work. So, I thought this would be a nice surprise to show that I was thinking of my hubby and wanted him to have a a good start to the day.

But, as luck would have it he must have eaten something bad yesterday and he spent several hours throwing up in the night (I know, not pleasant, but it's part of the story) I woke up early as planned and made the muffins.  The smell of apple cinnamony goodness filled the house...mmmmm. 

But when I walked into the living room I saw my guy laying on the couch looking completely worn out and miserable.  He said that he was still going to work and was starting to feel better but still didn't think he could stomach much food.  He took a few little nibbles of a muffin and then decided it wasn't going to work for him. 

So, I had to stop and think for a minute.  The point of this challenge that I gave myself was to learn to love my husband more and do more of the little things that matter.  But, today, muffins were not the little thing that he needed.  Today he needed something else....soda and saltine crackers.  But, we didn't have any.  Then it occured to me that really loving someone is not just about planning projects to do for them.  It's about being there to help them with whatever it is that they need today.  It's loving them in ways that you hadn't planned.  So, at six something in the morning I climbed into the car and drove to the nearest gas station to get some Sprite and saltine crackers.

I gave him one bottle of soda and then left some saltines and another bottle in his car with a note telling him that I love him and hope he feels better.  It was almost nothing, really, and yet I knew that I loved him like he needed to be loved this morning.  And that felt good.  I'm still learning.  But for today the challenge is to love your husband in whatever way he needs you to.  Love him by making a nice dinner at the end of a hard day.  Love him by telling him how great he is when he's discouraged or just choose to be patient when you could be irritated.  Love him by leaving him a surprise....OR, if he has food poisoning....leave him some saltines and soda :)

Don't worry, my children ate all the muffins in five minutes so they didn't go to waste.  But since those muffins really do make the morning, tomorrow's post.will be all about....MORNING MUFFINS :)

Now it's your turn.  Tell us what you did or plan to do to show a little extra love this week.


  1. My husband is deployed overseas right now. We usually communicate through emails. This week..I am going to send a letter the old fashioned way & maybe put a little package together.

  2. Awesome Tiffany! I'm sure he will feel your love all the more knowing that you made the extra effort and sent it all the way across the world to get to him :)

  3. At the beginning of the year my husband wrote down several (like 12 or so) goals that he wanted to accomplish this year and hung it on the fridge. Some were extremely hard for him like quitting chew, get baptized, baptize our daughter (he has anxiety so that last one was really hard for him to do, honestly I wasn't sure if he would actually do it, but he did 7 months after she turned 8!) One day a couple weeks ago I noticed his list on the fridge and figuring he forgot about it, I took it down and started looking it over again, I was shocked to see that he accomplished ALL of his goals on the list! So while he was at work me and the girls went to the dollar store and bought the football paper plates, napkins, cups, a mini football, and green poster board (we have 3 girls so we never get to decorate "boy" style!) We decorated the kitchen table and I made a football field out of the green poster board. We then cut footballs out of paper and wrote each of his goals on a football and taped it to the "field." He was shocked when he got home, it was great to honor his accomplishments with out it being his birthday or fathers day, and he really liked that the decorations didn't have any pink in them!

  4. Love that! What a creative way to honor your husband. Good work!

  5. A hand written letter every week this year is what I am planning on doing. My husband was taken aback when I mailed him a letter last week. I know, odd right, but he loved it & he hasn't stopped talking about it. It didn't say anything earth shattering. I just simply told him that I loved him & that I am glad I married him.

    I have also started a little note book where I write down one thing everyday that I love about my husband. I have done memories, favorite gifts he has given me, & just the basics of what made me fall in love with him 10 yrs ago. Although it isn't a week long thing, it is helping my love for him grow everyday & I hope when he receives these he will know how much I love him.