Thursday, January 14, 2010

Straight "A" Pizza- (A cheap way to celebrate brainy kids)

We just got our first straight "A" report card at our house this week. We gave congratulations and high fives and when the hoopla settled down we were hit with "mom, when my friend gets all A's her family all goes out to dinner.".....
Well, that could get to be an expensive little tradition depending on how many children we end up with and how much they aspire to good grades. Plus, we had one kid with a double ear infection and two parents with some sort of icky cold that made us want to lay on the floor in our pajamas much more than get dressed up and go out. So, we came up with an impromptu tradition of our own, and, luckily it was accepted with excitement.

So, here is our new great report card day tradition:

A+ Pizza and Ice Cream

We decided that when you bring home a great report card we will make homemade pizza in the shape of an "A+" and adorn it with whatever toppings the "reported" chooses. (Which in our case means that we will be eating plain cheese pizza every time) We added in a choice of any flavor or style of icecream and it was a big hit.

If you need a great homemade pizza crust recipe I love this one:

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