Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet Talk

One of my favorite Sunday happenings at our house is "Sweet Talk". And, because is involves candy and undivided attention from one parent, it is something that my kids look forward to too. "Sweet Talk" is really just a way to connect with our kids.

I know we all talk to our know, "how was school?", "did you get your room clean", "Do you want oatmeal or cereal?"...etc. But, sometimes I have to stop and realize that is has been a while since I had a real heart to heart with my 3 year old. When was the last time you asked your kids what they want to be when they grow up, what they are most looking forward to in life, or what they would like to see change in your family?...or any other question about their thoughts, insights, and feelings about life?

With that in mind, all that "Sweet Talk" is is a bowl of M&M's and a lot of great conversation. The kids get to pick which parent they want to talk with and together they go sit down in a quiet spot (or just lay down on the living room floor) and mom or dad starts asking questions. When the child answers a question, they get to eat an M&M. And you just keep going until the M&M's are gone (and sometimes the parent gets to eat some of the treats too :)

I will admit, when I first tried this I actually sat there stumped a few times...I had my child as a captive audience and I wasn't sure what to ask. So, I made up a list of questions to use. But, as we got more used to talking about things other than daily to do's I became more able to think up questions on a whim. And now, I love to hear about what kind of fairy my seven year old wishes that she was or what my 3 year old's favorie episode of Thomas the Train is.

So, if you want to connect with that fascinating little child of yours, here are some questions to get you started.

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  1. OK, what a great idea! I love it!! AND, may I say, what an absolutely fantastic blog. I have just discovered it, through Sugardoodle, and I am SO pleased, cos there are some fab ideas on here...Thankyou for your blog!
    Emma X