Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Krisy Kreme Rewards

I heard a rumor that Krispy Kreme will give kids one free donut for every "A" they have on their report card.  And, since we just recieved my daughter's report card in the mail we really wanted to try it out.  I'll admit, I'm a little chicken about stuff like this sometimes.  Why?  Because I don't want to waltz up to the donut counter with my kids and flash the report card only to recieve a weird look from the guy at the counter. When there's no flyer or poster or big promotion I'm sometimes afraid to ask. 

But, I had heard this a lot and my daughter assured me that it was true.  So, it was off to Krispy Kreme we went.  And, sure enough, we were showered with free donuts.

 I think I just became Krispy Kreme's biggest fan.  When we walked through the door they gave us each a free donut.  Then, when we showed them the report card they showered my daughter with praise and let her pick out six donuts of her choice.  She was quite flattered.

Then...then...., they gave us hats and the kids got to watch the donuts be fried and glazed and the conveyor belt. 

And as if this wasn't enough the guy in the back brought out some raw donut dough and showed the kids what it looks like before it rises and cooks.  They got to touch the dough and take it home.

There were enough sweet little rings for all of us.  I have one little cherub who was particularly happy about it.  She looked like she had just robbed a bank and gotten away with it.  She has a passion for food and a serious physique to keep up.  She ate two.  I know, what kind of mother lets her toddler eat two donuts....I was caught up in the moment....that's my only explanation.

We bought an extra half dozen just to support what a cool thing they are doing.

Did your kids get A's on their report cards this term?  If so, take a family outing to your local Krispy Kreme.  One donut for every A.  And, if you are nervous or just plain doubtful you can call ahead to make sure your store participates. 

P.S.-It's  only at actual Krispy Kreme Stores not at counter type stands (like the grocery store that sells them)

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  1. They don't let us pick around here, they give us 6 glazed. Luck girl!