Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Foolery

A few years ago I got the sudden and uncontrollable urge to celebrate April Fool's Day.  It took a little preparation but it ended up being oh so worth it to see the look on my kids' faces when the realized they had been "fooled".  They were BEGGING me to play more tricks on them.  Of course, you can't play a trick on some one when they know it's coming.  So, the foolery stopped there.  But, looking at these pictures has me itching to play some tricks again.  And, I'm thinking that it doesn't need to be April Fools day at all....nope, I think I could blindside them on a random Tuesday and it would be even better. :) 
Here's how our last day of tricks went down:
When the kids came to the breakfast table they found bowls already full of Cheerios. We had rigged the bowls by putting drops of food coloring in them before we poured in the cereal. So, when they poured the milk into their bowls it was green! Then we did the same thing with their glasses of milk. We held the bottom of the cups so that they couldn't see the food coloring and they watched in amazement as the white milk turned green when it was poured into the cup....."Whoa!" is all they could say :) Then they commented on how good the colored milk tastes (I guess presentation is REALLY important to a kids' taste buds)  That's yellow MILK he has.

Next, I tricked both my husband and my daughter by putting a raisin in the end of their tubes of toothpaste.  It truly looked like a bug had crawled in and gotten stuck.  Try it, it's sure to get an "EEEEWWW!"
Lunch was full of tricky food too. Cheetos (I opened the bag, filled it with baby carrots, and then resealed it)  My kids did not find this nearly as amusing as I did and insisted on knowing what had happened to the REAL Cheetos.
We also had grilled cheese sandwiches (AKA: slices of pound cake toasted in the toaster and then spread with orange frosting)
I thought this looked so authentic and apparently it was so convincing to the kids that they hardly noticed the taste because after school I asked my daughter if she like the grilled cheese and she said "Yeah, it was so good" and I asked her if it tasted like cake and she she said (thoughtfully) "......Yeah, it DID taste like cake!" Apparently she had been so distracted by the Cheetos that it had never really sunk in about the cake :)

The finale of the evening was our FOOD FOOLERY DINNER. Can you tell which foods are a trick?...They all are!!!
Nutter Butter cookies coated in peanut butter and then rolled in crushed cornflakes.

Orange JELLO set up in clear cups.  My son was totally baffled by this and kept tipping his cup higher and higher to get some to come out. Finally he announced "My drink is STUCK in my CUP!"

Green apple Laffy Taffy rolled into tiny little balls.  Yes, it took some time but my kids were totally surprised and asked for Laffy Taffy peas for a year afterwards.

Meatloaf cupcakes with colored mashed potato frosting.We found this much more funny than my kids did.  I would reccomend having some real cupcakes on hand to soften the blow and to use as an incentive to finish the dinner cupcakes ;)

And, my kids even pulled a few little tricks on me.  See this piece of bread?....they covered it in drops of food coloring and them told me our bread had some weird mold on it....

It's just too much fun being a parent sometimes.


  1. You are soooo creative. I am thinking I will need to write down all these ideas for my kids next April Fools; or maybe Thanksgiving since I don't think I can wait that long. Is that wrong to trick your kids on Thanksgiving?!

  2. Not wrong at all...on any day of the year, because everyone is smiling when you're done and you're making fun memories! Good luck with your trickery ;)